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Delaware Ave Afterschool Program

For information regarding our Delaware Avenue Afterschool Program please contact: Sonya Barker at  (518) 462-5528 ext. 18

Teen Program

For information regarding our Teen Program please contact: Ta-Sean Murdock at (518) 462-5528 ext. 19

Prekindergarten Program

For information regarding our Prekindergarten Program please contact: Faith Silver at (518) 462-5528 ext. 24

21st Century Afterschool Program

For information regarding our 21st Century Afterschool Program please contact: Jimmy Bulmer at (518) 462-5528 ext. 14

Career Opportunities

For information regarding Career Opportunities, please contact: Hollyanne Buntich at (518) 462-5528 

Volunteer Opportunities

For information regarding Volunteer Opportunities, please contact: Jimmy Bulmer at (518) 462-5528 ext. 14

Marketing, Development & Events

For information regarding Marketing, Development & Events please contact: Thomas Breymeier at (518) 462-5528 ext. 13